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Getting a Miniature Long-Haired Dachshund Puppy

Getting a miniature long-haired dachshund puppy is a big life decision. Puppies turn into adult dogs, who can live for 15+ years. In order to ensure your puppy has the best life possible, our work as a dachshund breeder starts years before they are born, and extends over their whole lives.

Before you get your puppy...

Before you bring your dachshund puppy home, they will be already knee-deep into training to be a great, well-balanced pet. We raise all our puppies using Early Neurological Stimulation, getting them acclimated to all kinds of scents, sounds, and sights they might experience in the real world. All our puppies come with 2 sets of shots, and an easy-to-follow schedule for you to obtain the remainder of their vaccines. Our dachshund puppies are raised in our living room with exposure to our older dogs, and are exposed to all the normal comings and goings of a busy home!


birth | the number, sex, and colour of puppies will be announced. puppies are assigned a colour to track their individual development.

0-2 weeks | initial photographs will be posted, puppies are totally reliant on mom. genetic testing will be conducted using Embark. 

2-4 weeks | puppies begin to transition off mother's milk and are able to do more on their own. initial personality assessments will be conducted.

4-8 weeks | puppies are socialized to more and more in the home. they will receive their first set of shots and microchips around 8 weeks. 

6 weeks | puppies will be evaluated on personality and structure, and will be assessed as either show or pet quality. families will be contacted to put down deposits. 

8 weeks | additional evaluations are conducted to match families with the perfect puppies. puppies will be named and registered with the CKC.

families are welcome to visit now to meet their dachshund puppies. 

8-12 weeks | preparation continues to send the puppies home. potty training starts, ENS continues, and puppies start grooming/show training.

12 weeks | puppies go home after their second set of shots, around 12 weeks. 

Bringing puppy home...

Our miniature long-haired dachshund puppies can be sent home with their families (you come to pick them up in Langenburg, SK, Canada) or I will personally fly/drive them to you. I will not send a puppy home unaccompanied. Our closest international airport is in Regina, but the Winnipeg & Saskatoon International Airports offer more frequent (and often cheaper) flights, and still make an easy drive to our home.

All puppies are sent home with a fully loaded puppy kit, which includes: 

  • Contract of sale (and any other documents, such as non-breeding agreement, co-ownership agreement, etc.)

  • 4 generation pedigree

  • CKC registration certificate

  • Embark test results

  • Microchip number and ID tag

  • Veterinary records

  • Scrapbook of puppy's first 12 weeks

  • Blanket with mom's scent

  • Favourite toy

  • Chews and treats for trip home

  • 2-3 days of Purina Pro Plan food for transition to new food at home

  • Educational materials to make your life with a new family member as smooth as possible!

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